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One of the many sustainability initiatives that Meredith College Campus Dining participates in is the Re-Usable To Go Program.  This program includes the use of Eco Takeout(TM) clam shell container and a "Think Green" Meredith to go mug. Each student living in the residence halls will receive one clam shell container and one Meredith to go mug when they move in for the 2015/2016 school year. 

Changes this year will be the expectation that students bring their containers to the dining hall clean, we will not have the ability to switch them out for you and we don’t want you waiting while our staff clean

 Benefits and Uses

Eco Takeout(TM) Clam Shell

  • Rainy day?  You don’t feel like sitting in the dining hall?  Late for class?  Use your container to take your meal to go from Belk Dining Hall.  One meal swipe counts as your to go meal, take what you like and enjoy!  Having dinner in the dining hall and want to take out a meal?  Head back to the cashier, swipe your card again and you're all set!
  • We do the work for you!  After your take out meal, bring back your container to any cashier at Belk Dining Hall (BDH) and they will swap it out for a clean one! You don’t even need to wash it!
  • Lose it or forget it? You can purchase one at anytime for only $5 or a throwaway compostable container for $1.

Meredith To Go Mug

  • Fill up your mug in Belk Dining Hall at any time.  Just swipe in and fill up!
  • Fill up your mug in the BeeHive for just $0.99 (filling up a non-Meredith "Think Green" to go mug costs $1.39).
  • If you misplace your mug, pick up a new one at Belk Dining Hall for just $5.