Commuters and Oak Residents

Apartment & Commuter Meal Plans provide you with a set allotment of all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester in Belk Dining Hall and Dining Dollars per semester to spend in the BeeHive Café. Additional blocks of 10 meals may be added for the price listed below if you run out of meals before the end of the semester (may only be added within the same semester that the original plan was purchased in). Your CamCard identifies you as a meal plan member and must be presented at each meal. All students residing in the apartments and commuters are eligible for these plans. When you purchase one of these plans, you will be automatically enrolled with your meal plan at the beginning of the Spring Semester unless you choose to purchase for one semester only. There will be a 2 week period to cancel or change your plan.

  • 60 Block Plan
    $620.00   Add To Cart

    60 Block Plan

    • 60 Meals per Semester
    • $200 Dining Dollars
  • 40 Block Plan
    $500.00   Add To Cart

    40 Block Plan

    • 40 Meals per Semester
    • $200 Dining Dollars
  • 20 Block Plan
    $370.00   Add To Cart

    20 Block Plan

    • 20 Meals per Semester
    • $200 Dining Dollars
  • Add-on Dining Dollars
    $25.00   Add To Cart

    Add-on Dining Dollars

    • Dining Dollars Plan
      $275.00   Add To Cart

      Dining Dollars Plan

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